Advertising and Checking Out the Competition

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There are two reasons that I would need to know information about another site.

  1. I want to advertise on that site and I want to know their rank (the lower the better) and also what key words lead there.
  2. I want to know if a competitors marketing strategy is working.

The place that I go to do this is – A quick search through their database tells you:

  • Their Traffic Rank
  • What sites are linking directly to that site
  • How many page views they receive per visitor
  • What percentage of traffic comes from the US And other countries
  • Contact Info
  • Any reviews
  • Upstream Data (Which sites did users visit immediately preceding their visit to the site in question.)

Case Study #1

I am considering advertising on a fashion blog and I want to see if there is enough traffic and relevant users to justify the time/money spent.

The statistics:

          Ranking – 7,487,393

Reputation – 3 (There are only three other sites that link to this site)

The search term “hotpantsblog” provides 100% of the search traffic that comes to this site.

There is no other relevant data about this site. The ranking is too low.

Will I advertise on this site? I still may, though her rank is high, her price is low, and I just might take a stab at her market. At her advertising rate, just one sale from Phen375 (the product that I am considering marketing) would cover the cost of advertising for a whole month and still bring in profit.

Case Study #2

The Craigslist Job Poster

Lots of affiliates post on Job ad sites like Craigslist. Craigslist hates this and in fact warns their visitors about affiliates, but they are still everywhere.

There is a particular affiliate who posts work-at-home jobs that interests me. I absolutely do not want to copy him. The first rule of Affiliate Marketing is the same as anyone else – Don’t Fuck Your Customer. This guy writes misleading ads that sucker people in visiting his website, and then shows them an affiliate video promising a bunch of money if you sign up to

Not that I have a problem with project payday, but I have a real issue with misleading ads. This is why people think internet marketing is a sleazy profession.

Ok – rant over – case study resumed.

I want to know if he is tapping into a market in this city that is bigger than I realize. If he is indeed getting a lot of traffic from people who want to work at home, then maybe I can do a little location specific niche marketing with a legitimate work from home advertisement.

The Stats:

          Rank: – 5,673,287 (A better rank than our blogger.)

          Reputation – 1 (Guess what its CraigslistJ)

         Streaming Data – 100% of people who connect to his site go through Craigslist.    

         So our project payday must be posting all over, and he is getting a lot of traffic. Dishonest fucker.

Research is perhaps the mast important thing that you can do in any type of marketing. Do it everyday and it will pay. 🙂




The Why of Passive Income for Dummies

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Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

All right! Who the hell doesn’t want that?

I started this blog as sort of a discussion place for my thoughts on internet marketing and passive income. I hope to include a lot of 101 stuff and invite anyone who has advanced knowledge to tell me I have no idea what the hell i’m talking about 🙂